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Energy storage in action: site visit of two projects in the city of Antwerp

17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024

On 17 April, the Energy Storage Coalition lead a delegation of EU officials for an insightful site visit to two projects driving the energy transition forward.

TotalEnergies welcomed us in their refinery in Antwerp to show us their flagship project for grid balancing, boasting 75 MWh for a power of 25 megawatts. Powered by 40 Intensium Max High Energy lithium-ion containers supplied by Saft, this project represents their commitment to addressing the growing need for grid balancing with efficient and responsive battery solutions. It’s their largest battery project in Europe to date.

Next, we visited Luik Natie Group where, with the invaluable support of ENGIE, the team has been at the forefront of the energy transition in logistics. Embracing the necessity and opportunities of sustainable practices, they’ve implemented an impressive array of initiatives, including an on-site wind turbine, over 6000 solar panels, and battery storage.

It was rewarding to provide our guests with a firsthand experience of the services that energy storage can offer. The exchange of ideas and insights with the key players in the energy transition was truly enriching, and our guests had the opportunity to engage and learn about the challenges that similar projects face in Belgium and around Europe.


TotalEnergies refinery in Antwerp

The group at Luik Natie facilities in Antwerp

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