Breaking Barriers: Enabling Energy Storage through Effective Policy Design

By eliminating double charges, prioritising investments in cleaner capacity resources, and encouraging support schemes for energy storage and renewable energies, policymakers can unlock the full potential of energy storage, fostering a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

The Electricity Market Design reform offers significant opportunities to expedite the deployment of renewable energy coupled with energy storage.

To support policymakers the Energy Storage Coalition launched “Breaking Barriers: Enabling Energy Storage through Effective Policy Design.”



The campaign focuses on three key barriers:

  • Double charges, which unreasonably hinder the deployment of energy storage projects;
  • The scope of Capacity Remuneration Mechanisms which still allows financial support to fossil fuel generators;
  • The inadequacy of flexibility support schemes for energy storage, which should be further encouraged and limited to non-fossil solutions.

Check out the campaign infographics

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