Energy Storage Coalition Declaration: a cornerstone for the work of the organisation

SolarPower Europe, The European Association for Storage of Energy, WindEurope, and Breakthrough Energy, founding partners of the Energy Storage Coalition, are glad to announce the publication of the Coalition’s Declaration.  

10 Mar 2023
10 Mar 2023 READ NOW

Europe is facing the dual challenge of ensuring energy security while striving to achieve its ambitious climate neutrality targets. In order to meet this challenge, there is an urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels and embrace an electrified energy system powered by renewables.

Renewable energy can be stored and shifted from periods of peak production to peak demand through energy storage. With a wide array of technologies available, energy can be stored for milliseconds to seasons, providing the much-needed flexibility to ensure Europe meets its decarbonisation targets, strengthens energy resilience, and achieves lower energy prices.

Despite the immense potential of energy storage, there are still barriers that hinder its widespread deployment. These include the lack of long-term market signals and contracts, permitting challenges, difficulties in accessing support measures, and discriminatory grid fees and double taxation. As a result, energy storage projects often face hurdles in attracting the necessary investment to keep pace with the rapid deployment of renewable energy.


To address these barriers SolarPower Europe, The European Association for Storage of Energy, WindEurope, and Breakthrough Energy come together to create the Energy Storage Coalition.

The organisation aims to accelerate the decarbonisation of the European energy system by advocating for the increased deployment of sustainable and clean energy storage solutions to support renewables.

The organisation’s objectives are officially stated in its Declaration:

  • Raise awareness about the services provided by energy storage
  • Identify barriers to the efficient deployment of renewables coupled with energy storage
  • Advocate for financial, legal and political frameworks able to support the deployment of energy storage

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