The Coalition advocates for a technology neutral approach for energy storage capacity tenders

11 Sep 2023

On 11 September 2023, the Energy Storage Coalition provided its feedback on Terna’s assessment “STUDIO SULLE TECNOLOGIE DI RIFERIMENTO PER LO STOCCAGGIO DI ENERGIA ELETTRICA,” in line with Resolution 247/2023/R/EEL.

The Energy Storage Coalition stresses the importance of covering all energy storage solutions while opting for solutions with a high Technology Readiness Level.

It is crucial not to close the door to a variety of energy storage solutions that could help foster the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the future, but also to ensure that these solutions have proven successful industrial applications.

Accordingly, the Coalition suggests that so-called “innovative” technologies be admitted to the tenders for the purchase of energy storage capacity when, as a mandatory requirement, they demonstrate high technological reliability of systems that have already been proven on industrial scale and which use well-known proven equipment that market operators consider reliable enough to guarantee their operation and performance.

Download the reply to the consultation here.

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